Treatment that uses information and energy on a quantum basis for well-being and health.

C.I.E.M. Consciousness, Information, Energy, Matter

We have chosen this effective informational and energetic biofeedback system that uses a multidimensional approach to restore psychophysical, emotional, biochemical and energetic balance to the person as well as highlight the initial imbalances before they affect well-being.

The CIEM System is used to analyze and rebalance the information structure that governs all four planes of material, energetic, informational and planes of existence.

In very short times, through an advanced assessment, you get to the heart of the individual’s problems, passing immediately to the treatment phase, by sending specific frequencies of resonance that can be conveyed by means of sound, electricity, magnetism and light.

Informational System (IS)

in-office or remote treatments

The communication system at the highest levels

With the Information System it is possible to perform an assessment of the person locally or remotely from which a personalized treatment is set through information or sound communication or through other powerful tools such as:
SBV Bilateral Visual Stimulation
Bilateral visual stimulation very useful for balancing the visual stresses associated with negative experiences or trauma on a physical, emotional or performance level even in athletes
TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine module which provides an energy picture through qualitative information about the energy situation of the person’s 12 main meridians, together with the related treatment indications
BS Body Scanner
Body scanner that through a detailed energetic / informational atlas of the human body allows the balance of physical resonances.
A holographic generator equipped with powerful software which, thanks to a database consisting of over 150,000 resonances, allows to obtain an evaluation of the client from different points of view (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and rebalancing treatments.
With its ability to transmit information to the person locally or remotely, through its technology, it is used as a treatment method to indirectly influence the energy, biochemical and structural levels of the body and restore balance and well-being.

Frequency System (FS)

in-office or remote treatments

Treat the person with the math that represents him

Thanks to the Frequency System, it is possible to evaluate the person’s biofield and through a cycle of biofeedback, customize and adjust the frequencies in real time to their current needs.

This allows you to perform always and only personalized frequency treatments using different forms of energy – electric, magnetic, light and sound – essentially delivered in two modes:
Single channel treatment
Through the FS system it is possible to deliver any frequency treatment through a database containing more than 2000 sets of frequencies related to specific disturbances (including the complete Rife and Clark databases), it allows to stabilize certain problems immediately, using a sort of “electromagnetic remedy” without any side effects.
Two-channel treatment
A unique system able to exploit the interference generated by two different channels, it offers the possibility of working with specific mathematical signals and sequences such as the Fibonacci sequence, the Solfeggio tones, the Binaural tones, the Fundamental Harmonics and different Harmonic Musical Scales, all delivered on two distinct and independent channels and managed in specific shared protocols, which help the therapist to use them in a conscious and targeted way.

Bioresonance System (BRS)

in-office treatments only

The builder of awareness.

Endogenous bioresonance system, through which the person is placed in a condition of listening to himself in a totally new way, in order to stimulate the body’s innate self-healing systems and lead to the rebalancing and maintenance of psycho-physical well-being .
BIORESONANCE is a non-invasive method that is based on the analysis of the electromagnetic waves that the body (organs and cells) generates and on self-healing.

These signals contain all the information on the individual’s state of well-being and their study allows for the generation of a specific and individual therapeutic signal.
All this can be obtained through a few simple operations:
  • acquisition of the body’s electromagnetic signals through special electrodes.
  • amplification of the signals up to values ​​perceivable by the person.
  • re-forwarding of the amplified signal to the person through electric, magnetic and light applicators.

Energy Analysis System (EAS)

in-office or remote treatments

Bringing back coherence between heart, mind and external stimuli

Thanks to the SL it is possible to highlight the type, load, and negative effects of stress, therefor creating rebalancing strategies, monitoring the improvements in well-being, optimizing psychophysical performance.
Stress locator is a biofeedback tool that helps visualize in real time the analysis of your physical and mental energy state, and dynamically follow the developments and improvements during your treatments.
Through the use of a bluetooth pulse oximeter you will see the parameters displayed on the screen that highlight how the autonomic nervous system affects our energy processes and through its use you will be able to bring them back into balance.

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