Terms and Conditions of Sale

General terms and conditions for the supply of eBooks

  1. Introduction – Applicability of the General Conditions1. The website of Loris Massaro (www.massaromethod.com, hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), with offices at Via Biron102/4/c 36050 Monteviale – Tel .: +39.349.4248.794 – Email: store@massaromethod.com; VAT reg.: 02932630243 includes, in its eBooks section, a catalogue of books published and marketed in digital format by Loris Massaro. By registering for the purchase of these eBooks, the user expresses his/her consent to these General Conditions for the supply of eBooks.
  2. These Conditions for the supply of eBooks are intended to regulate the supply of paid services, in the form of downloads, of one or more files in digital format containing intellectual works of a literary, dramatic, scientific, or instructional nature (hereinafter, the “eBooks”), which are made available, via the Internet, from the following website: www.massaromethod.com (hereinafter, the “Site”).
    3. All downloads of eBooks made by users who have accessed the Site (hereinafter, the “Customers”) are governed by these Conditions of Supply.
    4. The terms of these Conditions of Supply apply equally to all Customers.
    5. Loris Massaro encourages every Customer to read these Conditions of Supply carefully before carrying out the various operations in the Download process, and to save an electronic copy of this document.
    6. Loris Massaro may modify the contents of the Conditions of Supply referred to in this document, at any time and without notice, to make them consistent with changing business needs or changes in regulations. Any changes made will take effect from the date of publication on the Site, as stated in the header for these Conditions of Supply.B. Provision of Service7. The Customer can access the Service in relation to the eBooks listed in the Loris Massaro electronic catalogue, by following the technical procedures outlined on the site. The Download order submitted by the Customer has the same value as a contract proposal and implies full knowledge and full acceptance of these Conditions.
    8. The correct receipt of the Client’s proposal is confirmed by Loris Massaro by means of an automatic response, sent to the web page of the Site the Customer is using to access the Service, and also by an automatic response sent to the email address supplied by the Client. The response from Loris Massaro is generated automatically by the system on the Site, and confirms that the proposal has been properly received within the information system.
    9. A provision of Service agreed between Loris Massaro and the Customer should be considered final once the order is accepted by Loris Massaro. Loris Massaro has the right to accept or reject, at its sole discretion, the order submitted by the Customer; the latter may not make claims or claim any rights whatsoever, for any reason, including compensation, in the event of rejection of the order. Acceptance by Loris Massaro is considered to be tacitly given, unless the Customer is otherwise informed by means of an e-mail sent to the address he/she has provided, within 48 hours of submitting the order.
    10. By placing the order for a download, in the manner outlined in the operating instructions on the Site, the Customer is declaring that he/she has read all the information provided during the process of supply, and fully accepts the Conditions of supply and payment described below.
    11. Access to the Service is carried out on the assumption that the Customer has at his/her disposal adequate hardware and software for the Service to function properly. The lack of such equipment by the Customer (or his/her failure to acquire it) will make it impossible for the Customer to use the Service, without any responsibility for this failure attributable to Loris Massaro.

    C. Prices for the Service – Availability and Storage of eBooks

    12. All the prices for downloading the individual eBooks are clearly shown on the Site and include VAT.
    13. The prices and availability of the eBooks, as shown on the Site, are subject to change at any time and without notice, although the conditions in force at the time the Customer submits his/her order will apply if the order is either in the process of being accepted by Loris Massaro, or has already been accepted.
    14. After receipt of payment, the Site will issue an order confirmation, allowing the Customer to access the eBook download page. Once the Download of the eBook has been completed, the latter is stored on the Customer’s computer like any other digital file, and the Customer is only permitted to exercise those rights to it use that are expressly authorised. In any event, the Customer is allowed to view the eBook, and to copy it in digital format onto another hardware device, for personal use only and in full compliance with the law.
    15. Without prejudice to the previous statement, any use of the eBook is firmly restricted and limited to private use by the Customer, to the exclusion of any commercial use. In particular, the provision of the eBook does not cede the Customer any rights to market or promote the eBooks. The permission to burn or export the file applies solely to the Customer, and does not constitute a concession, waiver or other form of limitation on the rights of the copyright holders in relation to the content of any of the eBooks.
    16. Each eBook can be downloaded by the Customer up to two times, and cannot be replaced if it has been lost for any reason. Once the eBook is downloaded, it is the Customer’s responsibility not to lose, destroy or damage it and Loris Massaro bears no responsibility to the Customer if this happens.

    D. Payment methods

  3. The following payment methods are accepted to purchase an eBook on our site: Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card and PayPal..
  4. Right of withdrawal 18. The Customer has no right to withdraw from the Service once the download of the eBook has begun; from that moment on the download process is finalised. The law does not provide for a right of withdrawal on digital products purchased and downloaded via the internet. If the Customer is unable to download the eBook due to technical problems, he can write to: store@massaromethod.com
  5. Liability – Limitations and Exclusions19. The provisions referred to in articles 22, 23 and 24 as follows, do not apply to Consumers. By “Consumers”, pursuant to Art. 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (the Consumer Code), we mean natural persons acting for purposes unrelated to their business, commercial, artisan or professional activity. Consumers are fully guaranteed the rights referred to in the Consumer Code. The Service is provided as it is, without warranty of any kind, and its proper functioning is determined by its correct use by the Customer.
    20. Loris Massaro will only be responsible for delays or disruption to the service in the event of wilful misconduct or gross negligence that is directly attributable to the publisher.
    21. Loris Massaro does not provide any guarantee: including, without limitations, any implicit guarantee of marketability, suitability for a particular purpose or perfect operation of the Service. The Customer is responsible for any risk resulting from use of the Service. Loris Massaro can in no way be held responsible for indirect damage, or any other damage of any kind, including, for example: damage due to a lack of financial gain, the interruption of business activity, computer shut-down, damage to hardware or software, loss of information or data, or any other damage suffered by the Customer in connection with the use of the Service, even if Loris Massaro was notified in advance about the possibility of such damage occurring.
    22. The eBooks available through the Service are in ePub, PDF, mp4 format and are not protected by Adobe DRM or stamped with specific Watermarks (or social DRMs). The Customer undertakes not to violate copyright rights.
  6. The authors do not intend any part of this manual to serve, directly or indirectly, as a form of diagnosis, treatment or medical-health advice. The contents and techniques outlined are solely techniques for rebalancing your energy. Anyone who uses them is acting freely, from their own personal choice and on their own responsibility.

In addition, we disclaim any responsibility for loss or damage related to the use of the content of the products and manuals for sale on the site, including, but not limited to: direct and/or indirect harm, liability or loss resulting from the use of the exercises or techniques presented in the products, manuals or videos, or caused by the advice and information contained therein.


  1. Intellectual property rights
  2. All trademarks (registered and not) and any intellectual work, distinctive mark or name, image, photograph, written or graphic text, and more generally any other intangible asset protected by laws and international conventions on intellectual property and industrial property reproduced on the Site remain the exclusive property of Loris Massaro, without the customer accruing any rights to the same by accessing the Site and/or entering into a contract for provision. Any use of the same, even if only partial, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Loris Massaro, the holder of all the exclusive rights.
    25. The ownership, the rights of use and commercial exploitation, and any other rights, including copyright, which are any way related to the Service, or refer to it, are and will remain the exclusive property of Loris Massaro Edizioni. The Service is protected by the current laws regarding copyright and all other relevant legislation. H. Customer obligations 26. The Service is provided only for a certain expressly authorised use, in connection with products, software, applications or any other tools that the Customer has the right to use. In particular, the Customer is required to ensure that he/she is the holder of any right, patent or other licence that may be required to use the Service, and is also forbidden to: (i) modify, translate, distribute or create works derived from the Service; (ii) copy or redistribute the Service; (iii) remove proprietary notices or digital labels that characterise the Service; (iv) modify, take apart or alter the Service in any way; (v) use the Service in such a way as to violate the intellectual property rights of the authors and of other persons who own rights in the eBooks.
    27. The Customer also undertakes not to use the Service in a manner that is against the law, not to carry out spamming and not to inconvenience third parties in any way. The Customer undertakes to exonerate Loris Massaro from any costs, damage or prejudicial consequences that may result from using the Service in a manner not consistent with the Conditions of Service.
    28. The Service is strictly for personal use, and cannot be put to any commercial purposes. The Service must not be used to provide a further service, or part of a service, or a third-party app or part of an app. In particular, distributing, communicating or making the Service available to third parties is not permitted.
    29. The Customer undertakes to indemnify Loris Massaro against any loss, damage, liability, negative consequences or expenses related in any way to complaints against the Customer, resulting from the fact that he/she has in some way used materials or products in connection with the Service in contravention of a current law, the rights of third parties, or the terms of these Conditions of Service.

    I. Information about additional services

    30. To notify Customers about new services and offers, Loris Massaro may send them emails containing such information. Any Customer who does not wish to receive these newsletters can ask them to be stopped at any time.

    L. Communications and Complaints

    31. All communications, or any complaints by the Customer against Loris Massaro with regard to Purchase Agreements, should be sent by email to: store@massaromethod.com

    M. Jurisdiction

    32. The Purchase Agreement between the Customer and Loris Massaro is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law.
    33. Without prejudicing the consumer rights of Customers, the Vicenza Judicial Authority of Vicenza will be the exclusively responsible for hearing any disputes.

    N. Processing of personal data – Privacy

    34. For the rules governing the processing of personal data by Loris Massaro, please refer to the company’s Privacy Policy