Terms and Conditions for Affiliates


This agreement provides the terms and conditions of the VFH EBOOK Affiliate Programme, a product of MASSARO METHOD with registered office in Monteviale VI 36050, Via Biron 102/4/c, VAT reg. no. 02932630243, tel: +39 3494248794 (the agreement being hereinafter referred to as the “programme”).

The term “Affiliate” means the applicant who adds a hypertext link to VFH EBOOK (www.massaromethod.com) on its website; the url will be provided by VFH EBOOK’s staff upon receipt of the affiliation request and free registration on the VFH EBOOK website, who will enable the VFH EBOOK Affiliation Programme.


  1. How to register with the VFH EBOOK Affiliation Programme

MASSARO METHOD allows websites all over the world to register with the Affiliation Programme, provided they have the required characteristics.

In the case of non-Italian Affiliates, MASSARO METHOD would like to point out that the currency used to calculate commissions and payments is the Euro.

MASSARO METHOD reserves the right to refuse programme subscription application within 30 days from receipt of the form duly completed in full, if the Affiliate is considered to be unsuitable, or/and if the contents of the Affiliate’s website are questionable. Any type of pornographic content is considered questionable; including incitement to violence; use of explicit language; encouraging discrimination based on race, sex, religion, age and sexual orientation; encouraging illegal activities; infringement of copyrights, defamation.

MASSARO METHOD reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without notice, should the Affiliate be in breach of any of the terms of this agreement. In this case MASSARO METHOD shall not recognise any further percentage other than the percentages already paid at the time of the breach of the agreement, and the Affiliate’s account will be closed immediately and the link to the participating site removed.

  1. Operating procedures

After completing the subscription form for the VFH EBOOK Affiliate Programme, and acceptance of the application, the Affiliate will receive an e-mail, on the address indicated on the subscription form, with instructions on how to use the agreement and destination URL to access the Affiliate’s control panel where the Affiliate may monitor the purchases made by users who reach it from the publisher’s site, and generate a personalised link.


Only offers by MASSARO METHOD may be published, excluding any others;misleading advertisements created expressly to deceive Internet users or offers that may in any way damage third parties are strictly prohibited.

  1. Affiliate remuneration models

MASSARO METHOD grants to its Affiliate the following types of remuneration based on purchases made by users that reach it from the link added to the Affiliate’s website.

  • Variable percentages on the net amount of each purchase by the user that reach it from the link added to the Affiliate’s website.

    • 30% on the purchase of each ebook


“Net of sale” means the total amount paid to MASSARO METHOD for all successful purchases (net of any discounts provided to users). 

The percentages of remuneration due to the affiliate, refer to the total amount paid by MASSARO METHOD for all successful purchases, with the reserve for what may be orders cancelled or not successful.

This percentage will be paid only on successfully completed orders for the purchase of ebooks on the website. A “Successful order” means an order duly accepted and paid by the end customer. Orders that are returned and/or for which a claim has been received, will therefore not be taken into account to calculate the commission.

Purchases on which the percentage for the Affiliate is calculated are purchases made by any user who uses the link added to the Affiliate’s website to access the website shop. The link contains an identification code (tracking lasts 30 days) which is automatically associated to each visitor to the Affiliate’s website who clicks on the VFH EBOOK banner.

Please therefore carefully follow the instructions provided by MASSARO METHOD to create the link to VFH EBOOK, so as to accurately identify the origin of customers.

  1. Billing and payment terms

Commissions are an intermediary service between MASSARO METHOD and the affiliate. The percentages are paid net of the necessary receipts and may be viewed on the Affiliate’s control panel 24 hours a day.

The fees are credited on the basis of the data indicated in this contract, from the amount of the sum of €100, through PayPal (we invite you to read the terms of the contract of the PayPal service regarding deductions on commissions) on the coordinates declared by the affiliate in the contract, which exempts MASSARO METHOD from any liability for contractual errors attributable to the affiliate itself.

From reaching 100€ or more, the affiliate can manage and request accreditation through its affiliate account on the site.

Upon sending the request Massaro Method will credit the amount of commissions every last day of the month and automatically the system will create an invoice in the name of the affiliate.
The invoice can be checked on the affiliate board under payouts.

Each accreditation requires mandatory billing by the affiliate.

The affiliate that uses paper invoicing must issue the paper invoice to Massaro Method with reference to the data reported in the aforementioned document.

The affiliate that uses electronic invoicing must issue the electronic invoice to Massaro Method with reference to the data reported in the aforementioned document.

The website on which the material is located will be communicated by MASSARO METHOD when the Affiliation is enabled given that a username and password provided by MASSARO METHOD is required for access.

  1. Control, validity and termination of the contract

This agreement shall be valid as from the date the subscription form is signed, for a period of one year (365 effective days) from the time it is signed, and is renewed automatically each year for the same duration, other than in the case of written cancellation sent by the affiliate with prior notice of at least 30 days from the annual expiration date.

Such written cancellation may be sent in either of the following ways: e-mail, or traditional postal service.

MASSARO METHOD shall in any case have the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and/or suspend the Affiliate Publisher from the Programme in question in the event that:

▪ MASSARO METHOD, considers the Affiliate or the contents of its website unsuitable for any reason whatsoever or the same do not comply with the commercial purpose or market strategy of the company;

▪ The Affiliate does not comply with European and national laws and regulations

▪ The Affiliate is responsible for any fraudulent or illegal act, generates or attempts to generate Artificial Traffic to Linked Websites or is otherwise in breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement

▪ MASSARO METHOD with which the Affiliate is linked revokes its approval


In subscribing, Affiliates accept all the general terms and conditions.

In the case of amendments to the terms and conditions, Affiliates will be notified by email. If the Affiliate does not file appeal within one month from notification of the amendments, the changes will go into force as announced.


Privacy notice

Pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 Massaro Method, hereby informs you that in order to establish and execute the contractual relationships, it is necessary for it to hold your personal data. Massaro Method with registered office at via biron 102 / 4C 36050 Monteviale VI is the Data Controller and Data Supervisor. Massaro Method processes only data provided directly by the Customer. Your data are processed for contractual requirements and to fulfil of the legal obligations stemming therefrom, and to manage the commercial relationships in an efficient manner, for example: to enter your personal data in the company databases, for purposes of in-house statistics; for payment reminders, invoices and credit notes; for bookkeeping purposes, to forward new commercial offers and initiatives. Your data will be processed in writing and/or in electronic format in compliance with the provisions of the law in order to guarantee the safety and confidentiality thereof, as well as the accuracy, updating and relevance of the data with respect to the stated purposes. Your data will be entered in the company databases to which only employees expressly designated by Massaro Method as persons in charge of processing have access and who may view, use, process, compare the data and carry out any other appropriate operation, even with automated tools. Providing your data is mandatory to fulfil the contractual obligations, and Massaro Methoid may therefore be unable to to enter into the contractual relationships should you refuse to provide the above data. Without prejudice to the communication and disclosure of your data in order to fulfil legal obligations, please be aware that your data may be disclosed to: employees designated by the company as persons in charge of processing; our consultants, insofar as strictly necessary to complete their assignment with Massaro Method; banks in order to process payments received and made; Financial administrations and other companies or public bodies in order to fulfil regulatory obligations and protect contractual rights. Your data will be processed for the entire duration of the contractual relationships and until all the related legal obligations have been fulfilled, as well as for future commercial purposes. The rights provided by article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 are reserved, as reported in full hereunder: “1. The Data Subject has the right to obtain the confirmation that their own personal data are being kept, even if not yet recorded, and to obtain a copy in a readable format.

  1. The data subject has the right to request confirmation of: a) the origin of its personal data; b) the purposes and methods of processing; c) the logic applied in the case of processing with electronic tools; d) the identity of the data controller, data supervisor and the representative appointed pursuant to article 5, paragraph 2; e) the parties or categories of parties to whom the personal data may be disclosed or who may become aware of your data as designated representative in the State, data supervisors or persons in charge of processing.

  2. The Data Subject has the right to obtain:

a) the updating, rectification or, when it has an interest to do so, supplement its data; b) the deletion, transformation into anonymous form or block access to data processed in breach of the law, including data which it is not necessary to store for the purposes for which the data are collected or subsequently processed; c) a declaration stating that the processing described by points a) and b), including the contents thereof, have been brought to the attention of those to whom the data has been communicated or disclosed, except in the case in which this is impossible or involves the use of means that are manifestly disproportionate with respect to the right protected.

4. The data subject has the right to object, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning him or her, even if pertinent to the purpose for which the data are obtained; b) to the processing of personal data concerning him or her to forward advertising material or to make direct sales or for market research or commercial messages”.